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Originally Posted by Sculptor View Post
"Me trying to talk myself out of wanting this plane. "I said to myself, I said self:

1. You got the Bixler V2 in shipment, you just lost a new Bix V1 on first flight into the mangroves and all this after beating a BlitzRC SS V3 into packing material and this all started with a toy helicopter in march!

2. Unless this monster is very strong the wings will break off in the kind of maneuver's we do with a standard SS.

3. So what's it good for? FPV or carrying a camera around. OH WOW! theres a corn field and a barn and another corn field, just wait till the kids see this!

4. Then it's a glider, that feels for movement in the invisible air way high in the sky. While I stand there, my tx at my side cause 'God's gotter now' It's all way cool but I don't think my neck can take it.

5. "War, good God y'all, what is it good for, absolutely nothin"

6. I can't thow it in the trunk and go.

Conclusion: I don't need it.


Now I'm not a poplar poster on the new 'Super Sky Surfer" thread

But since when buying more toy planes is a matter of "need' The operative word here is "want" so if you find yourself wanting this incredible new giant foamy, shouldn't that be enough reason to pull the trigger?

Obviously you have never owned or flown a sailplane, as sailplanes are not for just thermal flying, personally I don't care for thermalling, as I 'm a sloper, so I fly my electric powered gliders more like how I slope, meaning, I fly under power most of the time performing low and close passes mixed with low/fast aerobatics, and yes, sailplanes are fully aerobatic and only limited by the pilot's abilities. BTW, the fastest RC models in the world are all gliders/sailplanes, that's right, unpowered pure gliders are the fastest of all RC model aircraft.

Super Sky Surfer being flown as a power plane, no neck straining thermaling here:

Super Sky Surfer over the Beaches of California (2 min 36 sec)
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