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Originally Posted by HobbyEurope View Post
Justify what? And to whom?

Check at the factory yourself. Easy I guess. Hong Kong is not that far from them. Shenzhen is even closer; but even then ....

You should have all possibilities to check what are facts and what are not.
Easy; but you maybe cannot? Why? Problematic question eh?

Seems a little playing on the person. First, you were the one making claims about the HiSky being better, with little to back this up. I can understand why some would be calling out to show the cards. But shall we put this aside now? I'd rather read first hand experiences by people that don't have any commercial gain by telling good things about a product, like the message below:

Originally Posted by achogg33 View Post
Ok I own both a mcpx and a turnify fbl100. I have extensively flown and crashed both, the fbl100 has a more locked in feel and is very stable when transitioning inbetween 3d manoeuvres it does not have the pitching tendancies or the cyclic wobble that the mcpx gets. The tail is also very locked in and it has a little more power. However it is not as crashable as the mcpx I found the main gear came off the main shaft very easily, the bearing would come out of the frame and also the swashplate would come apart. Mcpx parts do fit straight onto the fbl100 I am now using mcpx main shaft main gear and swashplate many crashes pick it up fly it again. I have also owned both genius cp and minicp they outperform both and hold up well in crashes except for the servos as they do strip gears if you are not quick on throttle hold when you crash.
Interesting write up. So the flb100 is more powerful, but also more smooth. Odd to see that mCP x parts are still a drop in fit, if the heli is not a clone...
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