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I'd like to join this discussion, altough I never had a Spektrum radio in my hands, only seen one DX6i a few times. But, the whole issue played a major role in my decision on buying a radio system. I started flying last year with a cheapo RTF fhss radio (Pelikan Cadet4 to be precise) and immediatly fell for the gliders at our local field. I decided that I want a real (read: non-foamy) glider. For that I needed a computer radio, 6 but preferably 8 channels. I started reading up on all kinds of transmitters, even on the 2.4GHz technology, dsss vs fhss etc... I also ordered MAN and Electric Flight. My first candidate was of course the Spektrum DX6i because of its price range, almost affordable (note, in my region the money flow can't be compared to the west, USA, even our neghbor austrians get 5x more for the same job. We use a lot of used gear and planes, buying a new Tx is almost luxurious)
I immediately noticed how much of the Spektrum market consists of BnF flyers, can't really remember reading about anyone flying gassers or 3m+ gliders with Spektrum systems. I also read a lot of crash reports from Spektrum users. I was still a rookie I didn't need another factor (besides my own flying "techique") in crashes. Long story short I bought a 9X. The HobbyKing Turnigy one, with an FrSky module
According to my story, and I think I'm not alone in this, Spektrum losing its existing users is the smaller problem, the bigger problem is the fresh meat in the hobby reading up things before they touch their wallet. Spektrum, and DSM/DSM2/DSMX will be more than adequte for park flying and indoor shenanigans, anything else will require a more reliable and full range system. Any self-aware modeler who wants to expand later, will stay away from Spektrum.

Now the problems can be traced back to either user error, or to the manufacturer, and the majority of the problems could've been eliminated by altering, optimizing their RF technology, even dismissing the dead-end dsss technology which they did with DSMX. Why did they wait for such a long time? Furthermore they marketed their technology for larger scale (anything larger and more complicated than a parkflyer) when it was clear this technology was only for parkflyers and BnF toys.
The real problem was greed, lack of a decent damage control and lazyness, not developing their technology until it was almost too late. Also telling their customers their radio was flawless and the crashes were 100% user error. Waiting for such a long time some users grew sour, some die-hard fans began arguing and the whole mess was created as we see today.
One thing is clear for me, Spektrum, HH and its BnF fleet is not my cup of tea. I won't judge the micro models I won't judge the people using them, but Spektrum and it's lack of development places them on the bottom on my "list".
I just don't like companies lying to their customers.

BTW I'm upgrading from my 9X soon to a Futaba 9C, used of course. Maybe I'll meet a few people from the forum next year on one of the F3J contests in Hungary
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