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in the meantime AntonioF104 made a microlight which is way different mine and a mix of rogallo and real microlight wing,
its all his own design and we have mutual respect for each others achievement.
it flew lovely and gave me new hope for mine but knowing mine was going to be a different type of wing

look on page 3 of my nitro microlight thread and look at the pictures of his microlight and the video.. any similar to mine? no because he didnt think it would work and he said so...

I stumbled on this thread and it brought back memories of my RC trikes.

I am almost sorry I sold my very first wing I built for an 8ft Electric Powered hanglider back in the 80's. (picture by the pool and with my two daughters). I didn't have the room to fly the 8ft wing one at the time I sold it, but now I do, and I miss it. So I am building a new one of same size.

The problem most people run into with trying to build a realistic RC Trike is improper CG, and mainly control. I did too and looking at some of the new comers to scratch-building RC trikes, I can't help but to smile, how I went through the same process.

My very first attempt was a wing tiping over, same as some people show in their videos on You Tube, because I didn't know anything about trike design at that time, but I found out a lot of information by pure trial and error, later comparing it with real trikes and fine tuning each aspect of the design, step by step.

I found that simplicity helped a lot, and was better than making a model true to scale, from the start, at at least until I got the mechanics worked out and finally perfected the control for RC Model Applications. Last thing I wanted to do was to do another Rogallo, weigh shift model, these never appealed to me because they didn't look right for some reason...the wing is too short and has less appeal than a thinner and high aspect ratio wing, in my opinion.

I started with the typical ways of controlling using weight shift, but I found better ways and have not looked back since.
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