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i hadnt even put an A frame or any flying cables on at this point-
thats how little i knew!
but reading up on hang glider forums and sites about pitch, roll and yaw stability made me realise these we're crutial.

having had the microlight takeoff in the previous tests and actually fly.. too fast and not controllable or stable granted! but it took off so i decided to make a new wing.. and not the rogallo one that i kept my eye on through the whole project lol.

I still kept the same design but added battens, tipstruts, Aframe, kingpost, floating crossbar, keel fin and flying wires and made it much tighter.

I never worked on this microlight all the time my other hobbies, family and work got in the way hense why it took 4 years!
but maybe if it didnt take that long it wouldnt have flown or flown well as i wouldnt of read up about and found out as much as i did in that time.
ive lost count of all the hang glider and microlight videos ive watched on youtube, sites ive visited about these wings and general aircraft and even bought all the microlight books for real pilots hoping to learn something else from some of them (not cheap!! lol)
sometimes up until early hours reading through half closed eyes
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