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m#rio has been saying that ive been studying his microlights all these years and have now copied his,

simple.. check dates.. and anyone can go see pictures of his earlier microlights on his site then you can be the judge of whether it looks anything like mine whatsoever,
he doesnt put detailed pics up like i do (i see why now) and videos of this early weightshift microlight do not exist on the net...
now being the type of person he is- if this microlight flew well it would be all over the net stating 'worlds first' 'most realistic' etc etc
this makes me believe it didnt go well for him and his further comments of 'heavy trikes dont crash well' and 'weightshift isnt effective'
let alone his jibes at my microlight when i was building it admitting he had big problems with weightshift not being effective further proves this.

saying that all us weightshift guys choose the 'easy way' of steering using the twin servos is just plain silly,
his unrealistic robotic pilot was added 6 months after he got it flying using the twin servo setup he saw on mine late last year,
same wing steering bar, rods and with a wing looking very similar to mine and completely different to what he was making previously.
even the bend on the monopole up to the wing is bent in exactly the same place and at the same angle.

Its very hard to see the details he has copied because he always does artistic impressions on his videos,
i would imagine in a vain attempt to hide these facts.

as i said before my wing hasnt changed in idea (apart from trying a kite on my very first test! lol)
and you can see throughout that thread me learning about how they fly,
my wing was baggy before, .. i didnt know very much at all about how these wings got stability and flew properly so i read up ALOT about them and you can see the wing get tighter in my 'old microlight test' video as i learned more.
i always put what i learnt on the forum so others could learn along with me, i know 100% he was reading this as he commented.

also i didnt want to make all the little brackets to hold bits and pieces together on the very early wing as i literally had no idea whatsoever if it was even going to lift off and all this would of been a waste,
i glued the crossbar to the leading edges using kite fittings to hold it which the glue didnt glue very well as they slid around and changed the shape of the wing

old microlight test (4 min 49 sec)
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