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Well, Mike... at least you can have the pleasure of knowing your bushwheels are now bigger than mine and I'll now have wheel envy ... in an effort to compensate for some of the added weight of the fiberglass pc board my new LED timer circuit is built on... today I bought some Du-Bro 1-3/4" foams and did my shaping process, removing the tread, and so have gone down a size for my tires saving 2g... looking nice and "balloony" though like the real ones...

... but that's not where it'll end. Next, I'm going to slice each tire in half down the "tread" and hollow them out with my Dremel then glue them together again ... if it works out, maybe I'll do it to the 2 inchers and won't have to envy

Just got in from flying it and, with the lighter wheels and also trying running everything off the single 150mah instead of adding a second lipo dedicated to the LED circuit or using a 7g mcpx battery to power everything, I'm almost back to where I want to be... 54g (without battery) and my goal is 50. Will see how hollowing out the tires works out

By the way, I found a new way to set my CoG... when flying it both last night with my spare (super light) all stock landing gear and tonight with the reduced bushwheels, I had to put my battery(s) forward (sticking out of the cavity) to get the nose heavier and found the perfect CoG that gives me a perfect powered-off dead stick nice shallow glideslope and pretty much hands-off landing... but I elevator up anyway in the last 6 inches of altitude when I hit that ground effect nice little pillow of air and gently 3 point it onto the road (so scale looking) I found out I have a battery that's going bad, hit LVC on approach, and still had a perfect landing. Niccccce!

Bushwheels V3.0 ... smaller

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