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Originally Posted by qarlo View Post
Stay far,far away. I bought one and it's horrible. gonna return it soonest. In fact the only reason i signed up for this Board is to tell you to stay far far away. I will be happy to post detailed review if any one is interested. Dave
Well.... this pretty much sums it all up in a nutshell, don't it? Then when you look at what vtdiy posted about the sizes it just puts the last shovel of dirt on the grave of this poor offering.

One final thought from my own time spent working with large, medium and small lathes and mills.

The ONLY small machine tools I would spend the money on are the offerings from Taig/Peatol, Sherline and Unimat.

I see that Unimat has gone belly up but their small "shoebox" size machines are still readily available used and it seems that folks are still making aftermarket parts and tooling for them. Taig and Sherline are still selling new and you'll likely find their stuff on the used market as well. All three are top drawer items if you really MUST have such a small machine due to space limitations.

There's been a few other micro lathes that might come up here and there. In particular the larger clock makers lathes. Clisby is one old vintage option that could find a worthwhile home in a model builder's shop. And there are some others that were more about the "clock" side than the "watchmaker's" side of the size spread.

But such machines are and were NOT made from plastics and suffer along with a single operating speed which is MUCH too slow for the small projects and tooling.

Basically when it comes to any sort of machine tooling intended to work with metal if the price seems too good to be true you had better bet that it is a piece o' junk. In the world of metal working or even working with harder plastics that is an iron clad truth.
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