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Our club is primarily Futaba. There are a couple of JR and a few Spektrum.

First-hand experience:

The Spektrum guys have more unexplained link losses than anyone, including the 72MHz systems. I bought a DX5 and had to send it in because one of the sticks stopped responding. I had never used it to fly a plane. I still have it now and can't sell it to anyone. It just gets used as a buddy box now.

You can read about problems with every brand but there seems to be more about Spektrum than any other.

As for the popularity, pricing sucks a lot of people in on these transmitters and a lot of the indoor and park folks get them for the BNF models that have gained popularity. I think more of the problems are with full-range models and perhaps the fuel planes.

I use ASSAN 2.4 modules in my transmitters for 80% of my planes. This was a cost factor more than anything else but I have no problems related to TX/RX link that I am aware of.

I always look for the usual problems when there is a loss of control first. TX battery level, RX battery level, failed servos, loose connections, range, linkage problems, control horn problems, TX antenna position, and RX antenna position. We can't always tell what caused the failure but we don find a lot of them.

I do suggest anyone in our club using spektrum rx to use a brown-out cap. It does not cost much, not much weight, and it can help any plane have cleaner power to the rx.

So anyway, I think bashing the people that are concerned about losing planes/helis/etc. is not productive. A lot of people have had problems with them.

Also - I love the iCrap username.
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