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Originally Posted by achogg33 View Post
Mcpx parts do fit straight onto the fbl100 I am now using mcpx main shaft main gear and swashplate many crashes pick it up fly it again. I have also owned both genius cp and minicp they outperform both and hold up well in crashes except for the servos as they do strip gears if you are not quick on throttle hold when you crash.
That is what I was really wondering since the minicp and genius far out performed the mcpx. Maybe they should have cloned the minicp instead. Would be very nice to get cheaper servos and parts for that. Still would be nice if they lowered the price of the hisky to a more reasonable level i might pick the 100 up as I have been done with the mcpx for months.

Originally Posted by HobbyEurope View Post
Justify what? And to whom?

Check at the factory yourself. Easy I guess. Hong Kong is not that far from them. Shenzhen is even closer; but even then ....

You should have all possibilities to check what are facts and what are not.
Easy; but you maybe cannot? Why? Problematic question eh?

He was reffering to giving a complete comparison of why it is better in flight as you say when compared to the minicp Genius, mcpx and your 100. Yet instead you just write him off with some sort of challenge?

If you are so confident in your product and you state it flys better than other micros of its size you should have already tested the rest of the small market when directly comparing it to such. Then giving specifics on where and what is better about the heli you are selling.
Originally Posted by HobbyEurope View Post
Somebody wrote this (but seemed to be too heavy for the moderator):
It was because the user was insulting others instead of getting to the real issues at hand if your product flys better and what changes have been made to make it an overall better product

Though sadly now it seems you are doing the very same thing and communicating at low level instead of addressing questions
If you cant answer direct questions about your product with honest answers then dont be the frontman of a product. Typing away on a keyboard with nothing backing up the statments that you have made and insulting others is not the best way to conduct business

It would actually seem that those on here who have actually flown most of the micro helicopters available are indeed better informed then the casual user. if you sat back you would realize no one here is trying to play favorite brand and instead trying to get a decent heli at a more reasoable price...
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