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Maidened done and successful. Painted mine yellow with black trim, sorry no px's at this time, so she came out a little heavy, right around 10 oz's. Also added 1 extra carbon stiffener to the tail plus made them all a little longer. At this weight I put a Hyperion 2205-38, 31 grams, on the nose to compensate for the weight. Batteries are Gensace 3s 450's which I cg'ed about a 1/2 inch in front of the aileron servo bay. Used a HS 55 with extra long servo arms for the ailerons, 5 gram servos for the tail section with extra long carbon arms for the elevator, for extra throw. Using a 12 amp esc. I mistakenly threw a 9x4 prop on this morning and did'nt realize it until I was done flying. Flew 4 packs pretty much back to back and nothing blew so I might just keep it on there. I usually fly early mornings to beat the wind so temps were around 60-65 degrees. Really like the way it flies. KE pulls just a little towards the nose, easily flown out, hovers are easy, once again it seems a little top heavy, might try putting the battery under the fuselage instead of on top. I can even get a decent KE spin out of it. One thing I would like to see is a detailed manual of the airfoiled design. The instructions on the site show a flat foamie instruction design. One thing I may have to do is cut away the nose section of the fuselage and center it to the airfoiled wing. Right now it is about 1-2 mm's towards the bottom of the wing which gives the front section of the fuselage/nose section a very slight concave appearance, which may or may not affect anything but if you look closely its there. Flight times are kind of short for now, around 4-5 minutes, haven't looked at the amount of battery usage I used yet. I usually fly low and slow so batts are barely warm when I land so I'm not really concerned. I'll come back and put that in. Hope this helps but am pleased.
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