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Originally Posted by balsa or carbon View Post
That landing in the video was actually WITH the wind , I usually try to land INTO the wind so I can land at a slower ground speed .
I'm still learning all this stuff myself , but I think coming in for a landing fast or slow is more a matter of airframe design and wing loading than motor kv . I've heard that a KFm2 will let a jet fly slower - I think you're planning on doing that , right ? You might also consider landing gear for the dirt landings .
After watching this...!

I was thinking of adding dihedral and going KFm1. The Kfm1 in the vid kept flipping the jet over. Dihedral would balance that out and hopefully give me an interesting plane.

Decided i'm going to do this in steps. Have not crashed in a while and my landings are spot on so will take it slow. First one with dihedral, KFm1 and elevons. Then go to a flat wing with KFm2. Got lots of foam and tape lol.

Going to start the first here in a few... My paint gun bit the dust tonight so no paint till I get it replaced tommorow.

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