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Originally Posted by Ron H View Post
I think "0" should be gliders of the cheap sort, and perhaps small rubber band powered planes. These are for kids right?
Careful, Pilgrim, there're circles where them's fightin' words. The Nats that just ended - there're indoor and outdoor rubber powered classes. The winners -earn- the right and privilege to represent the US in international competitions.

At the low end, check youtube for penny plane. The weight limit is 2.8g, one US penny. At the higher end there are also RC versions:
RC Rubber Power Model (3 min 22 sec)

To each their own.

Airhogs are toys because any 8 yr old can wobble around in the air and make it do something, *and* crash it 50 times without breaking anything. Champ is only slightly larger but can cruise with absolute precision. They're both for beginners but Champ takes more skill and practice to -fly- it and not just wobble around.
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