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Here are some various films regarding different airframes

From the first model to the 16th model the main changes have been control surface, wing tips, wing angles and internal structure construction plus extended wing mounting.

Anyway, when approaching high speed the Gull Wing was susceptible to vibration and destructive oscillation. So changes had to be made.

Every design is different in one form or another. Sorry to have such a terrible set of examples there is no control however I will try and do some testing of my own with the construction of the 17th model which will be fully fiberglassed so should withstand speed above 70mph ( dive ).

Here is the first model with a Park 480 1020kv with a trimmed 12 x 6 APC E down to 4-6" diameter

A sunny day for some fun (2 min 38 sec)

Here it is with a 10 x 7 E in a windy day 20-30mph wind and 30+ gusts no problem at all tracking

APC 10x7E on the Park 480 aboard the Gull Wing (1 min 33 sec)

Here is the 6th model which primarily improved the control surfaces fixing adverse yaw

This one used a BP Hobbies 1500 kV motor on an 8" propeller though trimmed to about 6"

GT-06 Proof of concept [ 6 control surfaces ] (4 min 5 sec)

In this "film" I show both the GT-08 and GT-09, both use the AXI 2808/16 1800 kV difference being the 08 was meant for wing modularity ( attach anything to the wing and it will fly ) and GT-09 was a Hotliner design, consequently one used a 7x5 APC E and the latter a 6 x 5.5 APC E

Progress report of Gull Wing Flying Wing " Blue Fin " (4 min 39 sec)

This is the 14th model with the BP Hobbies 1500 kV motor with a full sized GWS DD 8x4

Launching a Blue Fin and some windy flying with a lightly loaded Blue Fin ( 23oz ) (1 min 31 sec)

This is the current model that I have been flying, GT-16 with a 10 x 3.8 SF propeller, this film was with the flaps down hence I was able to film it myself. The flaps add directional stability, helped me a lot when transitioning from a Park 480 to the AXI

GT-16, doing slow circles at 400' (0 min 44 sec)

Just as a note, the aircraft lost a lot of its "Gull" characteristics as a result of more stability, you see, the more anhedral there is, the harder the airplane is to fly. When I had the middle models ( 7-9 ) they used fully symmetrical wings without any washout as well as both dihedral and anhedral. So consequently they were hard to fly, you had to be damn good at flying. The other problem with the g-wing design is orientation, I burrowed the bottom stripes idea for the new paint scheme from glider pilots.

Yes this aircraft went through rigorous testing for "advanced" fpv piloting ( Hahaha laughing at myself )

I apologize for the crude-ness of my films, having a crappy computer and friends that show interest in airplanes out of kindness doesn't get you very far in desired results. I also apologize for some of the language
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