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I hate the RC Timer web site with a purple passion!

It's organized okay, I can find stuff. But it constantly goes down. And when it goes down, it loses my shopping cart.

I mean, why can't it act like every other web site and just keep my shopping cart in a cookie or something. Even if the site doesn't go down, I lose my cart if the phone rings or I have to help one of my kids with something and leave the computer for 5 minutes, the cart is empty when I get back.

It took me SEVEN tries to get a cart full of the items I wanted and place the order. Refinding 20 items seven times was a HUGE waste of my day.

RCTimer needs to grow a brain and fix their site. I almost abandoned my order altogether. If I put stuff in a cart, it should stay there indefinitely until I either order it or remove it!

It's just bad business to empty your customers shopping cart every few minutes. Dumb really. Epic dumb.
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