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I would think Styrene will melt at armature temperatures.

I've seen fiber laminations used just on each end of the stack for insulation. They are sometimes slightly oversized to be sure to cover the edges of the laminations.

Electro static fluidizing is not the easiest process to duplicate at home. Even here at work I've seen a many ruined stacks. We also use epoxy powder as a spray process. The parts are heated and the epoxy powder is sprayed onto them. Nozzles aimed to match the skew of our armatures blow the powder through the slots as the part rotates.
The powder liquifies a bit when it hits the heated part thus the name "fluidizing". Subsequent oven curing is necessary.

The powder used for electro static coating must be kept free of moisture (humidity) as in a refrigerator. If not, it will not puff up in the electro static bed. It sticks to anything grounded and is a pain to clean off reliably. Very messy in general. The whole room is a shade of blue from the powder.

I've never tried it but maybe many coats of engine spray paint could be applied to the end lams? I would probably oven cure to get maximum toughness? Has anyone tried it?
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