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I thought I would post here, might also post in Phase 3 F-16 thread ---

I happen to already have a 3500 KV inrunner rated for 1KW and an 80 amp ESC (from my HK Komet, changed it to milder set up), and I already had some CS10 fan assemblies in my parts box...

So, when the mailman showed up yesterday with a Phase 3 EF-16 -- if you don't know this plane, it is a light little tosser, with a very mild 68-70 mm fan set up. I had purchased it just to have a fun, light little 3S EDF.... I started thinking Reeses Cups: that if I got that chocolate of the high power setup mixed up into the peanut-butter of the light easy jet airframe.... hmmm....two great tastes that taste great together....

I probed around the threads a bit (not exhaustively, though) and sure enough, a few people have made a CS10/EF-16 combo, and man, that makes for the PERFECT jet sound, to me.

I think most people are shooting for 4S or 5S hot rods, but me, all I want is a mild 'parkflyer' level of performance, but with that awesome jet sound, and minimal EDF 'whine'!

All I have done so far is balanced the rotating assy (motor, fan, hub cover) and ran it on the wattmeter. It sounds very nice on the bench, and it maxes out at about 56 Amps, using about 500 watts, while on a used 20-30 C rated 3S battery.

Did not measure thrust yet, but I gotta believe it will be enough to push this little plane around nicely.

The good thing is that if this combo does not generate enough thrust, then just going to a nice higher C rated 4S battery should then put me into the right territory, and my ESC, motor etc ought to already have the overhead, no problem.

I'll update this post with more particulars once I complete the build and/or get maiden done. One thing I already am thinking is that the stock EF-16 package came with a nicely implemented thrust tube on the tiny stock setup. Probably a perfect fit for it's needs. But I think most people messing with the CS-10 find it does not like to be choked or restricted on either end, so I don't think I'll use any sort of thrust tube in there, unless the fuselage foam itself is a tortured path on the exhaust half and I have to have some sort of guide or tube to make efficient flow.

For now, check out this video of the CS-10 in the EF-16 airframe:
Extreme RC F-16 with 10 blades Changesun rotor (2 min 22 sec)
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