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Originally Posted by DMala View Post
Ralph, thanks for the review. I always felt that SkyArtec's helis should deserve more popularity due to the good value for the price, reports of good flight performance and good technical support from the US distributor. On the other side I read reports of rather fragile plastic parts for other models. What's your impression of the strength of the landing gear of the X3V, and of the other plastic parts?

I want also say that I do not agree on the statement "Beginners, forget that plastic coaxial. Order a Wasp X3V with a set of training skids, practice on the ClearView SE simulator and get an experienced R/C helicopter pilot to place you on the path to success.". Even with training gear, beginners will crash a lot, and the size and headspeed of the X3V are going in my own opinion to cause a lot of trouble in terms of repairs and potentially other issues of greater concern (safety).

In my own opinion it does look to be a competitive choice for advanced beginners that have built some experience on a small sub-micro, easy-to-fix, flybarless CP like the McpX for example.
I admit to being a bit suspicious about the skids at first, but I think if one were to belly-flop a landing hard enough to damage the skids, there's going to be a lot more damage elsewhere. I thought they should have been stiffer as well, but they hold the weight of the model and it's an easy model to spot land, so I don't see them breaking anytime soon. So far, so good with the X3V as well as the X3 which uses the same part. Other than the skids, there's very little non-composite plastic on the model.

Thanks for pointing out the comment regarding beginners. I was careful to say that an beginner wanting to learn how to fly a CCPM heli like this absolutely needs assistance. That's also why I was careful to point out the head speed. There's no way that a raw beginner can pop in a battery and fly this little monster. A beginner who wishes to self-teach can and should fly a coaxial, of course. I meant to convey that a serious beginner who really wanted to learn R/C helicopter flight could do so with the X3V, only not without supervision.
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