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Originally Posted by Bledi View Post
On mini you need to Decrease all pid.
I havé no mini but try 3 on P
I tried a P of 3 with an I of 0 (as suggested by Edd) and that was completely uncontrollable. It took off forward & up and I barely managed to stop it before it crashed into a fence. I took a trip out to a semi-local hobby shop this evening that specializes in hellis and multirotors and tested it again with a P of 3 and an I of 20. It was marginally more controllable, but still isn't getting off the ground until 70% throttle or so and it's still shaking around from about 50% until takeoff. The owner (a MUCH more experienced pilot than I) also tried it and declared it incredibly twitchy. We also tried it with the accelerometer on and there was no difference. At this point I'm considering three possible issues, in descending order of probability:
  • The Naze simply doesn't handle VTails correctly or at least not ones this small.
  • My Naze board is defective (I bought it used and had not flown it before this)
  • There's something wrong with the Throttle on my radio.

I've got three things I'm planning on trying:
  1. Y4 mode
  2. 3 Blade props (on order from GotHeliRC, hopefully they arrive by the weekend)
  3. A CopterControl board the above LHS owner loaned me, assuming I can figure out V-Tail mixing for it.

Further misadventures as they occur....

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