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Originally Posted by helikido View Post
Yes I only fly in stunt mode with 0 pitch 10% throttle.
If i was you I would start by having the helicopter you are flying setup correctly as a cp helicopter.

By having 0 pitch at 10% throttle you have hardly any negative pitch available and will never have tight controlled flips or loops. Not only that but it means your cp heli is not mechanically setup correctly and any settings someone gives you will behave very differently than if they were going to a proper setup heli.

You should go back and set your helicopter up proper with 0 pitch at center stick with servo arms as close to horizontal as possible while having a complete linear 0-100% pitch curve. This way your heli will be mechanically setup correct and then you can adjust your pitch curves and they will behave as they should.

So after you do that you then correct your normal curve to something like 42-45-50-75-100. You always want 0 pitch at center stick even for normal mode as it will make transition’s easier between modes... Besides you don’t want to ever throttle down in preparation for a crash you want to always be on top of the throttle hold toggle instead for any mode you fly in.

Different heli but same idea
Mcpx 0 pitch setup (4 min 42 sec)

Then setup stunt 1 as 0-25-50-75-100 with a flat throttle curve of 80% or higher
do the same with stunt 2 except give a full 100% flat curve.

BTW dont flip it near your brother’s head....
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