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When RJ and I talked about this plane during the testing phase we discussed setting it up for more power and speed. This is the reason for offering the 1.9lb kit and recommending a larger motor like the 36gr or Hacker A20-34s.
I did some prop testing on these two motors and am surprised and happy with the results. I have always used an 8x4.3 with these motors but it looks like we can prop up a little more with good results.
All testing was on a 3 cell battery. My recommendations are based on short duration full throttle. If you want to fly extended time at full throttle then I recommend propping for 10a max.
Here is what I found:

Base line 2730-1500 with a 8x4.3SF is 500g thrust at 9 amps.

Hacker A20-34s---
Prop Thrust(g) Amps
8x4.3SF 600 12
8x4DD 650 12

8x6SF 600 17
9x4.7SF 700 17
9x5DD 700 17

Prop Thrust(g) Amps
8x4.3SF 570 12
8x4DD 530 11
8x6SF 550 17
9x4.7SF 700 17
9x5DD 700 15

I still want to try an 8x6DD or speed prop but I need to order them.
Looks like on the Hacker the 8x4DD is a good match and on the 36gr motor the 9x5DD is the best.
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