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Originally Posted by dougbo View Post
I'm slowly making my way through this thread and am wondering about simple power distribution for servos. I like the looks of the Smart Fly products however I don't really need all of the features. My 104 will be A100-10 powered so I don't need optical kill, throttle servo, ignition or any other liquid power goodness.
I like the dual CC BEC Pro's feeding 2 receivers like the KM or 1 receiver like AJ. However, connecting the outputs of the CC BEC's together still makes me nervous.
Then I ran across the following product which seems to be quite interesting from a geek factor:

Any Fanatics using the Booma product?

My goal is to keep it as simple and light as possible. I'm using a Futaba HV Rx, 7955 servos all around and the Hitec programmer for setup.

Any thoughts, links or whatever will be appreciated.

Doug B.

the detail of my setup is that the power wires to the servos go straight to the BEC's, not to the receivers... so you can just divvy the servo load between the BEC's. connect the negative wires of the BEC's so that they all have the same ground connection, and run a power wire to the receiver. this allows the BEC's to still be independent of each other, while still driving all the servos. My current 104 has three BEC-Pro's, one wing + an elevator servo per BEC, rudder, throttle and whatever else is on the third BEC... the red output wires of the BEC's are not joined...
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