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I've sent a message to Area 51 to ask them to confirm that their product does have the 65 amp ESCs while the sellers in the USA state that theirs have 45 amp ones. The price works out to about the same. The only difference may be the shipping to Canada. The shipping stated by Hobby Lobby to my location is already very high. But who knows, I saved a huge amount of money having a plane shipped to me from Australia compared to the same plane shipped from HL.
Area 51 has just replied to confirm that they are now selling only "Version 2" of this plane. 65amp ESCs is what they now come with. They also quoted me about $130.00 to ship one to me, given the same price as the US sellers for the plane itself. I think I'll wait for the US sellers but I have a feeling that the US sellers will not sell version 2 till they have sold all there current stock of version 1. Mind you, their shipping costs to Canada is not that much better.
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