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I would like to chime in on the problems I have with Banana Hobby. I purchased their new Tiger Moth 200 series receiver ready version. I finally got the plane together and had a problem first placing the receiver in the plane. They did a very poor job of allowing a place to put the receiver. I call their customer support and was told that I should place the receiver way up front behind where the battery will go. There was no way that was going to work because the cables from the servos were not long enough and the extra wire would have caused problem when you set the wing in place. The second problem was with balancing the model. After getting the receiver in place and inserting the battery in the battery box I had to add weight the sides of the fuselage and on the bottom up as close to the end of the nose as I could. It required more weight than it should have to get the plane in balance. The third problem is just getting the battery in the battery box. Itís a very tight fit and trying to remove the battery is a problem also.

After all that I went flying in a very calm day, no wind and the plane was all over the place, this was not a pilot problem, and I had little or no right aileron control. I was able to get the plane down, but in the process broke the main landing gear. The problem turned out to such a tight fit for the receiver that the wires were interfering with the ailerons; I made some adjustments and donít know it will help until I can get the new landing gear.

I decide to go on the Banana Hobby web site and wouldnít you know it, the landing gear is out of stock. I called and asked if they expecting a new shipment of landing gears. They didnít know and also didnít know if they had even ordered any. I have to assume that other flyers are having the same problem with getting a new landing gear.

So as it stands, my Tiger Moth is sitting until I can get the parts. This is the only and last model Iíll ever purchase from Banana Hobby.

An oh, the stand doesn't fit as they say it should. I never got an answer to that problem.
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