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Alrighty, finally made some more progress tonight! I got in the rudder and flex shaft in the mail. But like a moron, I apparently forgot to buy the coupler at the same time. Gah...So that's on the way for sure now.

It was actually kind of a cool deal. I ordered an aluminum 52mm rudder that is used for fast micro's, and it has a strut counterpart that you can get as well. I didn't order it intentionally, but when I opened the package, there was a strut included! So I shot the company a note (small online presence that looks like only boats) to ask them if it was a mistake, and if I should send the strut back to them, or what I should do? I got a reply just a few minutes later from the owner saying he threw it in intentionally because the micro parts haven't been moving well, and he thought I might be able to use it. I certainly appreciated that! But alas, for this project, I will not be able to make the strut work. I'm sure I will find a use for eventually, though! I would like to say the name of the company for other folks to use, but am not sure about forum rules. They do have a micro hydro hull on clearance for only $40, so that's sweet!

Anyway, on to the actual update. I struggled a little bit with the placement of the rudder and the stuffing tube. I think based on the eventual water line it should be ok though. I'm just slightly worried that the prop is going to be too high and too close to the stern. So I set the tube in place and am letting that cure before I fill and shape the gap.

Next I made a stand off block to push the rudder back a little from the prop shaft and rounded those edges. I will be filling in the gaps left with filler and sand it smooth eventually. I took some double sided tape and mounted the rudder to the block and then the block to the transom to test it out and see how it looked. I actually like where it ended up, i think, but would certainly be open to suggestions. The waterline surprisingly will be approximately where the red paint line is.

I also reshaped the hull a little bit. Why? Why not. lol. Really, it was just because the flat bottom bugged me, and there was plenty of material on the bottom. But if I'm asked anywhere else I'll say its for a hydraulic advantage.

Then finally, I also worked on cleaning up the windshield and polishing up the frame. I figured I can't keep working on the big stuff and ignore the little bits.

Pics below!

Edit: One thing I did want to say about this rudder...It feels a little strange, and almost a little like sacrilege to have a "big" modern rudder hanging off the back of this faux mahogany runabout. Once its all together I am going to evaluate it. If its just horrible, I may change it. So if your are a scale modeler reading this going *scoff*, I feel your pain and am not ignoring it.
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