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+1 Randy! Ya, I won it, but I had a great time, with folks I have flown with for years and some very new friends. Bubba Rob ran a great contest and thanks to Kim and Lauren for scoring. Also, a major thanks to Bob Burson for some very good calls as Bob timed me in 10 of 12 rounds, and Paul Perrot got me in the other two, thanks to Paul as well.

There are all kinds of things that are the same as TD and there are a few that are really different. ALES has such a simplicity with no winches, no retrieving, no batteries and no winch line to fix. It almost kind of wierds me out to stand out there with nothing but landing tapes in the field. I almost felt like I was not doing my timing job when I went out the first few times with no chute to grab, maybe a throw to do, etc. By the end of the two days, I was getting pretty comfortable with all this simplicity.

I realize that some detractors just seem to want to knock ALES at any turn, but there are some real advantages to it and the airframes are out there that fly just as nice as their pure sailplane bretheren. The other side to that equaion is that so many much less expensive airframes are flying that allow newbies to fly the event as well. More folks flying TD events is good for TD, which ever launch method you use.

Hopefully will make Polecat next year, I hear that both flying and culinary arts in large supply.

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