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Finally had time to stick my bird together. Came up with an AUW of 19.05 oz before paint but that is a couple coats of WBPU. I set the CG at 2.5" and had about 5 minutes before work this morning on a perfect 60 morning with less than 5mph winds. I flies, but just. NOt sure whats going on. Launches fine, pulls nice. I was concerned because I need to prop up to get some more watts out of my motor. But I was surprised at the rate of climb. But soon after the initial climb it starts a left hand turn that can only be lessoned with full right aileron. I didn't have time to investigate but 3 launches same results. I was able to kill power and a nice gentle left hand turn landing so no damage. I may have the wing or tail feathers a little out of whack? The inverted V tail has me confused on if its moving the right direction for rudder, elevator is correct. I didn't use rudder but I was trying to trim some in to help but I wasn't sure if I moved it the right way. It was too early and not enough coffee.

I might try moving the CG up a little, and double checking I didn't build in some left roll into the wing or tail.

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