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Originally Posted by laurentjeuxlille View Post
I think more watts means more power.

I tried my fpv with the permax motor and it cant take off from grass... a hand launch is needed and it seems to have trouble to climb.
Originally Posted by JCMorgan View Post
So more power does not equal more speed, but rather more thurst. Higher KV would equal more speed?
More watts doesnt necessarily mean more power, thats not how it works. A motor rated for more watts doesnt mean its by default "more powerful", if you removed your motor, and installed that one laurentjeuxlille posted above with the same prop, your plane would fly pretty much exactly like it does now.....

BUT, a motor rated for more watts means it can HANDLE more power... meaning you can prop up further without overheating the motor. Of course, thats going to pull more amps, so make sure your battery and ESC can handle it....

So basicaly, if your setup now pulls 15 amps, and you install the new motor with the same prop, its still going to pull about 15 amps. But that new motor can handle 23 amps, so you can prop up to get either more thrust or more speed. To get more thrust, increase the diameter, to get more speed increase the pitch. Either will increase amp draw.
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