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[QUOTE=greedyg76;22371413]HK's description is a bit misleading where it says "automatically correcting the aileron, elevator and rudder channels in flight" It doesnt really correct anything, Anyone that doesn't understand how a simple rate gyro works might misinterpret this to mean auto leveling. If you have this ORx 3 axis gyro installed then put your plane into a nose down dive and let go of the sticks, the unit will not correct the plane to level flight, you will just have a nice smooth and steady dive into the ground... This 3 axis gyro unit will only dampen the effects of outside forces on the plane, like wind, for a more steady flight in certain conditions.

Also in that video above, the KK board was flashed with firmware for fixed wing application, it would not perform like that out of the box.[/QU .....
Yes i know that guy had to program it to function like that...But that plane was self leveling and unit was $15...Know i don't know how to use firmware its chinese to me ,but to some guy's its pretty simple i'm sure...I have seen simple gyros installed on trainer planes and they make corrections to keep wings level...I saw this with a $15 gyro connection to ailerons which allowed pilot to turn just using rudder and plane remained level...also watched video of gyro connected to elevator..operator could fly level very easy...Have you used this new 3 axis unit? A member here said it works very well on a trainer(.Originally Posted by Troutbum
My son installed one in his Bixler just for testing purposes. Not that a Bixler needs any stabilization, but it was simply for a bench test.

It does all the quick corrections and motions, just like the AS3X in the Micro Gee Bee.

I have a Parkzone Albatros D-Va ordered that might get this unit installed.)
Anyway for $15 i would not expect it to fly the plane just make a model easier to fly...I wish i had one to test for myself...guess we will have towait for them to get back in stock
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