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Originally Posted by Swammy1979 View Post
Flight Video

The video sucks, but I plan on getting many more. I flew this at about 3pm, California the sun was in the worst possible spot (forcing me to fly further from view). I will get more, but in the meantime I wanted to get this vid out. Luckily I had a perfect landing...I was worried I was going to nose-smash when under pressure of the camera.

Question: Would you recommend extending the ailerons by about 20% across the wingspan? No matter how I try, my rolls are slow as all hell. I don't wanna cut into my wing if there's only a small chance for improvement....but if it will add to my flying experience, I would give it a shot.

Hey great video, despite I have a sunspot burned into my retina from watching HAHAHA!!!!

OK, I flew my 1280 again this weekend, and it does have a pretty slow roll rate, I'll work on mine more before the next session in a couple of weeks, the only negative I see so far with the 1280 is the position of the ailerons are a bit too far inboard along the trailing edge, which is no big deal for a trainer, but it does hamper the rolling rate, so yes, it may help the roll rate considerably if one is to extend the ailerons to add some of the remaining trailing edge towards the wing tips whereby would not only will increase the ailerons surface area, but also move the effective control surface area farther outboard where it will have more effect. Let us know how your aileron modding goes. BTW, whereabout are you in Cali?
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