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look at the atached image, I would like to clarify and check few things from the beiginning of AC to DC rectification ciccuit.

1. look at transformer circled in yellow. I see only 2 wires. If that one is traditional step down transform, it should have primary side and secondary side, 2 wires for each side. Can you confirm and check if there are other wires.

2. look at capacitor circled in blue. I am not sure is photo quality but seems to me that there are burn marks. Can you check and confirm. If possible, I would like to get the spec on capacitor from outside. It should say xxx uF or mF... XXX V voltage. I want to confirm if the burn mark is from capacitor or from power transistor next to it.

3. the box circle in red. It should be AC to DC rectifier. However, I am not sure whole unit if it is one piece bridge rectifer or 2 pcs power diodes. Also, If you can take out rectifier from chassis mounting, see you could drop the spec from the rectifier, like model # and brand....

After we confirm above, then we may start troubleshooting /w multimeter.

Anyway, be safe and aware of high voltage 110V or 220V while we carry out troublshooting using live circuit. Of course, some components can be checked out without live voltage.
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