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No flying this weekend but I discovered the first damage to the Specter. A short crack in the leading edge sheeting at the root. My guess is that the air loads, especially during my harrowing bailout from a thermal, combined with an imperfect fit at the fairing created enough stress to split it. It's easily fixed with a little thin CA but I'm going to have to rework the fairing a bit.

Most importantly, I'm going to "glass" the center section with Sky-Loft, which is a nylon silkspan-like covering. It's lighter than the lightest glass cloth and surprisingly tough with good flexibility and surface hardness. This is by no means a necessary mod and I wouldn't bother if I hadn't missed the poor fit after my wing pins were in. (BTW. The pins didn't fail in any way and I took them out by heating the music wire with a torch and I'll replace them after I get my fairing reworked.) Now that I found the problem it will just take a few minutes with the Dremel to get rid of a couple protrusions. Then I'll have to do some putty work.

I'll decide on what I use after I get done grinding. If I get the profile right for the glassed wing root I may not need any filler or be able to just dress it up cosmetically with a little Gorilla Glue.

This is not the fault of the kit. I misaligned the wing pins and holes and didn't realize it because the fit was nearly right. I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't mounted the wings separately and realized there was a gap. The only reason that I'm "glassing" the center section is the split sheeting. Secondarily its so I can take advantage of the slightly bigger profile to reduce grinding.
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