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New Favorite!!!.

Finally.... I got this new plane in the air... reading all the posts and watching the videos of those that are already done was making me crazy. I have decided that this plane is not an Sbach, it's Sbertha, IT'S HUGE! My AUW was exactly 24oz with 3s 1600 batteries (given it size... I expected more), and of couse no Landing Gear, as many of you know, it just gets in the way when I am flying low... lol... no but seriously, flying off of grassy Parks is not Landing Gear friendly... I did however install all the plates and brackets for the LG so I can easily attach it at a later date if needed

The build was pretty straight forward, I took a little different approach to this one... with the exception of the aileron servo arm extensions, I only used stuff that came in the box!! Although this is a very big plane, it is still a foamie, and I wanted to give the RC Factory methods a whirl.... Not bad, sure there are lots of things that people will want to do different, like the rudder hinge system and the pull-pull cables also on the rudder (and I might have been one of those), but honestly their methods were well thought out and worked great. I will report back here as time goes on about how securing the pull-pull thread on the servo side under the head of a screw works, but see no reason why it won't weather my abuse just fine.

I used the familair Welder construction methods (foam to foam joints), and where ever possible did the tack to dry and press together techinique. I did use a little more CA on this build than normally.... all the carbon spars and stiffners got CA'd... I will continue this on future builds... it worked great.

With the excpetion of the servos... I used everything from the power set that is sold on the Twisted Hobbys Website. I did use servos from Twisted Hobbys, but they were the next ones up MG16Rs. The ones in the power set are actually a better fit for the plane, they just were not in stock when I ordered.

FLYING!!.... OMG!!
It was pretty gusty out this afternoon when I went out to the park for Sbertha's Maiden flight, but did not hesitate to through it up. My initial control surface setting were very close, ended up moving the battery towards the tail for good upright and inverted neutrality, but will wait to report on the exact COG location until I have a chance to fly in calmer conditions. I did add a washer under the two left tabs of the motor mount, and before I go out again will also add a washer of down thrust. Power off dives from altitude were straight as an arrow, so CG is probably pretty close. I was immediately comfortable flying this plane and was literally throwing it around right in front of me as if it were Crack Yak or something, which, I must say surprised me a little. You certainly have to allow for the extra mass, but with the power set motor, there was an abundance of punch out power and smooth transitions from low to high rpm.

Roll Rate... with the throws as shown in the pictures was super.. not sure exactly how fast, but probably somewhere in the 1 to 2 rolls per second range.

Elevator and Rudder Authority... both very strong, easy to set up control surfaces to +/- 45 degrees... and even in slow flight there was good control.

The Verdict...
If you are hesitant, afraid or just sitting on the fence about getting a bigger plane, you should consider this one.... you can throw it around much like the smaller planes but handles the wind and gusts much better. When I go out to fly, I usually take anywhere from 20 to 50 various sized charged packs and airplanes to fit them, and fly them all... with this plane in my hanger I will bulk up my supply of 1600-1800 3s lipos and very likely only take it when I head out. It has a great paint scheme, it's big in the air, a pleasure to fly, and best of all..... made from EPP, so fly low, fly hard and have fun!!
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