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Missing Nose and attachment

Good eye, man! The nose is there, but was molded from .020 PETG plastic which is crystal clear. This yields a nose cone in the 1.5 gram range after adding a 3mm depron disk inside. The shock-cord (the line that attached the fuselage to the nose and parachute is run externally on this model. It gets bonded to the root of one fin and is taped to the side of the model near the CG of the empty body with a burned out motor in the motor mount. The nose cone just has the shock-cord pass through a loop of line or through a small hole in its base. This allows it to slide down the line once the parachute is ejected and it hangs with the body at the CG. When I snapped the photo it was mostly out of sight on the opposite side.

The reason for suspending the model horizontally (I could have done a better job of this) is that it presents a greater surface to the air during descent. This is supposed to assist in getting a longer duration. At least that is the theory.

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