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Dallas - Fort Worth - DFW Slope Sites and Activity

Is anybody doing any sloping near the DFW Metroplex. The newer lightwieght aerobatic slopers such as the Swiss Fish have realy got me thinking of sloping again. I also have plans for an SOS 60" that I want to build. I used to fly Torry, Kite Hill, Huntington and all over So. Cal back in the 80's. I've been slope deprived for 20 years.... I'd realy like to find some sites that work well in different winds. Lets get a good thread going and maybe we can get a good contingent of DFW guys together

Yes, I've done searches, but all the info is pretty old. I've found threads with mentions of Dallas and DFW but the info is spotty. Lets try to consolodate the info and get the guys who are active in the DFW area to chime in.

Is the Trash mound still open for our use? I've searched and found info, but all the threads pretty much died out. I'm really getting the itch to stretch my slope wings and I'd like to find as many sites as possible near DFW.

These are the ones I know about:

Lake Ray Roberts Dam -
Marine Creek Dam -
Trash Mound -

If anyone is sloping here, chime in and lets start a list of viable (read legal) slope sites.


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Partial list from another thread.

Here is a list of the DFW slope areas:

Lookout point Lake Worth For South Winds: take 820 West and exit 199 go S. Watch for signs and you will need to make a right turn just across form a small burger joint ( great burgers) Follow the road and it will make a sharp left but you need to go strait off onto the gravel. Go down as far as you can and there is a tree with a picnic table.

The first 30 yards is a shallow slope down towards the lake. At that point it drops vertically for about 60-80 feet and is in the shape of a Bowl. This provides great Front side lift and you can get quite a lot of altitude. Not a good combat site. If your plane goes down beyond the vertical bowl you are in for an adventure.

Joe Pool Dam S-SW winds. [/U] Take I20 east from 820 and exit 1382 go south. Go a few miles and just before the top of a hill you will see a turn in for a park. GO in and park near the bathrooms. Walk out on the damn.

Please if you go here, understand that they are VERY sensitive about people going over the guardrails. Avoid this at all cost. They have erosion problems and will make you leave if they see you go over the guardrail and YES they do watch. Not a place for beginners.

You may have to walk up to a mile to get to a place where the wind is perpendicular to the curved damn. Good frontside lift will take you to maybe 100 feet altitude.

Marine creek damn North Wind.

This is a great little place. Take 820 west and exit marine creek parkway. go strait through the stop sign. Pull off the access road and onto the backside of the dam about .5 miles after crossing the stop sign.

Great front side lift. Good combat area, just watch out for snakes on the rocks when retrieving and airplane. I recommend Foam aircraft only as the rocks will easily shatter any glass ships. Beginners be warned, get too far back in the lift and you WILL get blown out of control and into 3 lanes of 820 traffic. I have witnessed this happed and luckily no accident was caused. We also recovered the aircraft 1.5 miles later.

You can fly here with a South wind, however the lift is marginal at best and if you get blown back there is nothing but lake there!

Benbrook dam SSW wind- Take 20 west to Bryant Irvin road go south to Lake side Dr and go west. You will have to just keep an eye out for damn access. Again they do not want you leaving the top of the damn so be careful.

This is a large damn with good front side lift. Small gravel faces the front side near the top. THERE IS AN RC FIELD NEAR THE SITE. I highly advise you go and put up a frequency pin if you see anyone flying there.
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