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Originally Posted by markusvt View Post

More interesting questions might be how many runs on the plane so far, how did you set motor angle, where was the CG, what was the radio set-up, did you use expo, how much, why the separate RX battery, how much travel, where were the trims for the high speed run, did it want to torque roll on the high speed runs, why did you not cut off the trim around the fuse like others, would you build it the same next time, any flutter issues, did trim change with speed, how do you launch it, any more videos?
that is sure interesting things that I am sure would have been brought up if you had not take all this the wrong way.... I really dont know WHY someone would not fly one level pass ? what is there to loose? the plane wont burn up cause of one pass... we asked YOU because you are one of the first flying this setup and filmimg it, abd dear to fly low to the camera, we cant doppler someone flying 50 feets above as we see in many videos..... I know you dont care, but there is lot of other here wants to know how fast this setup is in level flying... If you dont want that, OK fine, say it, and we will back off.... Im sure there will be another one filming hid ultra with this setup soon anyway, then we will know..

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