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Adding tape to Super Easy


Thanks for the advice on taping. It can make a nice finish for foam. I have some experience with it. I bought some wire cut foam wing stock from Steelhead Products 2 years ago, and have made three wings with tape covering from it. I also covered a Hobby People Wasp wing that way. I found that I only added an ounce to a 2.3 square foot wing covered top and bottom with tape. That figures out to 2-3 ounces for the full sized Super Easy. I documented one of the wing builds here:

One other of those builds was a Blu-Baby 42 with a 48 inch wire cut EPS foam wing.

I've had some cosmetic problems with taped wings, though. The 46 inch one developed a severe case of "alligator skin" sitting around. The air trapped under the tape made the surface go wrinkly. I used a heat gun to shrink the tape some and improved the looks a lot. The main trouble with the light, cheap tape is the adhesive. Running the tape across a dihedral joint can create a big bubble. Better to do each panel separately, I think. To get it to stick well, you might need to spray the foam with additional adhesive.

Getting back to the Super Easy. I think that any strategy to make it lighter would better suit my needs for a controllable, low speed plane. Don't want to get into the "It got heavier, so I got to put on a bigger motor to make it faster" thing that makes a plane hard to train with. Stability enters into this, too, so if it is self righting you don't need to slow it down quite as much. I started with the paper covered board because it looked so simple, and I wasn't sure how much strength it would lose taking the paper off. Still have high hopes for it, but am looking at alternative methods if necessary. I have a scale, and want to be guided by the design principle of "Adding Lightness" if I can.

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