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hehe, no. I mean like the real plane.
They have almost no AoA by the looks and the nose leg is about two thirds of that length. The mains are probably a bit shorter too, to have it all remain level. But they do have quite large wheels.
They run the fuselage very close to the ground. Though your fuselage height near the mains look about right anyway.

I won't need nose gear created AoA as the flaps will take care of the take-off.

The other thing I find is that so many people say a certain plane has 'trouble' taking off, but when I have them they never do.
I think people are overly used to taking off far too soon and in a "leap", rather than a realistic length run out. Give any plane enough speed and it will either 'fly off by itself', or only need a little bit of help (SOME up elevator).
The Vampire video shows you the real plane's runout length... so just scale that down.... Maybe it is 1000m.... divide that by about 10..... = 100m or so. Not 30m.. or 40m......
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