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Originally Posted by THESANDMAN View Post
i have alot of respect for you heavy hitters like mopar rim, mark (you)and countless others. who have pushed this plane over 150mph .its not an easy task to take a plane to these extreme speeds safely, the built time, the experementing with props and fail attempts .i dont take it for granted what you guys do , thanks to you guys i know exactly what i need to be a heavy hitter thanks to the info you guys post ,i know im not ready for to be in the big leaques. so reading the exploits of you guys is enough for me .thats why id rather that you guys move on and continue to share the knowledge.
you did an amazing feat, you feel you dont need to go any further. i respect that , enjoy the acomplishment .sharing what you did and how you did it is more important to you "great". thats what i want to know .i dont care that you did it in a dive with wind ,you did 215mph ,that is crazy . i care about what you did to do those speeds
rim just posted a video of him doing 184mph .that is amazing(to me) i dont care that it was a straight run. i wanna know what he used and what he did to make it that fast did he use a cheap motor did he use a top shelf prop thats what i care about not the dive not the straight run . i hope my point make sense to you guys i will gladly ship out a pack of Orbit gum to you guys to make up.

m going back to lurking ( reading )since i enjoy reading and what you guys are doing to make this plane fast and about what i need to do in the near future . as of right now my set up is a humble motor only capable of 120 .
again i dont mean any disrepect to any of you . just be warned one day i will be posting a video of my plane doing 200mph and im going to GLOAT. LOL

Those who are looking for 200mph, why not an F5D airframe?
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