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Originally Posted by snoopy3440 View Post
Is there any major reinforcing needed to be done on this,do i need to add carbon or is the fiberglass spars ok
i was thinking of getting some good 3m clear t ape and doing the leading edge and underneath a bit to keep it from getting beat up in tall brush on landing and also doing this to the bottom of fuse it should also add strength,any thoughts,i am also going to add some home made servo covers,i melted one with the heat gun and it fits perfect
last is there anywhere i can get the wing screws,i ordered all the parts for this from horizon and did not get the screws for it, they were not with the fuse or the wing and are not listed on there parts site,so i have no idea where to get these,i am sure i can find something but i would like to have the tapered ones they use
I added the tape to the wings, as was recommended by the Paul Naton video. I have not had my RP up in the air since I made the mod, but I'm sure there will be no regrets.

I'd like to replace the fiberglass wing spar with a CF rod, but I'm having problems finding something local that will be as snug a fit as the stock spar.

It's easier to search forums using Google than to use the built-in search tool.
Google Search: "radian pro" "wing screws"
leads you to this page:

I've been trying to craft some servo covers. You seem to have found a way - could you provide specifics and maybe some pics of your method?

I don't know if you have run across this page, but it's a condensed listing of mods and suggestions for the Radian Pro:
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