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Originally Posted by DuPageJoe View Post
Thanks for the Info.
"For a Reference I just weighed my full size one. Its 390g with a 1500mah 3s."

Are you this light because you stripped the paper from your foam board? Al said you used a tape covering. How much did it weigh?

Nice Motor. It has the same 22 X 10 mm Stator size as the one I mentioned, and is running close to the same current with a 3S. Is your 7X 6 propeller a "Slo-Fly" one? You might be running just over the top rpm recommended by APC for that.

You might slow things down just a bit by going to an APC 7 X 5 E with an RPM max over 20,000.


That BluCore one seems like a nice starting point for a wild color scheme, especially since it is so light. I figure it's 2 ounces lighter than Nightstone's and a whole lot lighter than mine. with the paper still on the board

Best of luck with your Super Easy's

I saw this You Tube vid on this guy who was taking off the paper and then taping it with cheap plastic packing tape. The really cheap light stuff. he would then cut out his parts and build a plane.

When I built my Blu Baby I realized just how strong this made the foam. The main 33" wing has just tape and no supports of any kind and holds up fine. I did add one strip of heavy duty packing tape ( Kind with the fiber strands in it ) on both sides of the wing. I imagine if I was really pushing it it may collapse.

For the super easy there is so much surface area to supprt the taped foam that I needed no supports also. Just the light tape. So thats why the plane is so light and fast. Its scary fast. First flight the only thing I could say was Holy &^%^.

I also think with it taped there is less drag.

Another cool trick with the tape - When you do a UC wing you can put a strip of the tape under the wing and it will hold the uc shape. 3 strips of cheap tape will hold one side of the wing shape real easily. So the tape will hold bends in place.

I also use a hot glue gun that has a fine needle nose tip. This allows you to not over use glue and keep your weight down.

Lastly you can get the tape in different colors online and make cool patterns on the plane. Not to mention giving it color.

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