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I will be flying it on 4S with option to go 5S. You have 1lb of wire hardware alone. The plane may be called a "racer" but this is a fat, draggy airframe no matter what power you put in it. The H9 Mustang "40", at about the same size and weight, and with same power system, will fly circles around it. I would not be shy about spinner size - the bigger, the more it fills the opening and streamlines the plane. I'll be putting a 4in on mine.That said, your choice of prop can overcome speed issues to some extent. On a 6S system, I'd prop this plane with a 13x13 or 14x14 if your motor can take the amps. You will lose some in vertical, but speed will be good.

My FRacer came with a 12x6 prop. It flew well, but not fast. I now run a 10x10 on the same motor and cell count, and it is a fast little bugger. The APC pattern props are a good choice as you get into the bigger-sized square props. I have a WM .60 Spitfire with a Power 60 and 6S in it and the 14x14 prop. It does close to 100mph level and is a blast to fly. It will also do loops all day and has great vertical despite the smaller diameter.
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