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Originally Posted by praymond View Post
I saw this a few days ago and had to try it out. I only had some blucore so I made it to the original dimensions. I didn't put any spars on it, as I felt with the grain running across the wings it was stiff enough, and it was.

have an APC style 7x6 prop on a homemade Strongrc kit, 16 turns on a 1200 3 cell. the whole thing weighs 8.1oz with no battery.

It flew straight out of my hands balanced @ 14", and this thing is no slow poke!

It can do some nice even loops and some open barrel rolls on high rates, but will putt around nicely at 1/3 throttl.

I will get a vid of it next time out.

the only prob I had is I didn't use a servo Y harness, I put one elevator servo on ch4 and made it a slave to ch2. it worked fine but I had to trim it upwards a little and only the servo on ch2 would respond to my trimmer. So that made one wing rise a bit and turn opposite direction and had to trim rudder to get it to fly straight. So I will cut the length on a V harness I have and run them both on ch2 as you did.

I want to put my grandson on the buddy box, and not having any shannel mixing will make it much simpler.

thanks for posting the design, it flies sweet

One more thing, it really needs a color scheme to help out with the distance orientation, - out come the spray bombs!
Awesome ! I'm glad your SUPER EASY flew well ! Definitely shoot that video next time - I'd love to see it fly ! I was surprised on my first one that the little tiny rudder could make it do barrel rolls . And the loops are fun - even going WITH the wind !
balsa or carbon is online now Find More Posts by balsa or carbon
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