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Originally Posted by THESANDMAN View Post
Mark i respect your position ,i see it this way you had complete control of you plane at all times and thats what counts so the bottom line is you went over 200mph regardless as to how you did it .
if a person straps 500 pounds on a funjet and tosses it off the grand canyon and achives 300mph on a dive and has complete control of the plane and lands it , would it be cheating no he set out a goal and did it . the bottom line is that he did it .this isnt a competion there is no rule book there are no prizes , enjoy the moment . lets move on from this .so that noob like me can learn and enjoy this awesome plane
ps i have high respects for gurus here that have taken the time and take the time to help out with question . i have asked or have seen asked , ive learned alot from them , and just like them i have learned something from you . you took a cheap turnigy motor and made it goes ludicrous speed . thats an achivement . hold you head up .if i ever get up to the skill of flying fast like you and "lets say Mopar" i can go out and do exactly what you did . by reading what you did. and if someone says ooh thats cheating ima tell go ffff off . im not competing im having fun thats what this is all about
sorry if i offended anyone
but i just got tired off all the bs
I never said diving was cheating.
Post 6518 congratulated him on his achievement.
Picking up an attitude when asked to make a pair of level opposite direction passes never ends well.

Asking someone to make a pair of opposite direction level passes isnt telling someone that they are cheating, its asking them to do something.

All markus had to say was that he wasnt comfy doing a flight that way.
I personally went way out of my way to try to make markus see that his wicked fast FJU did what no other FJU has done before, and I get attitude ?
Thats where I say "ima tell go ffff off "

You didnt offend me, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when markus tries to turn a simple request around into a bunch of arrogant insulting diatribe filled posts, ...................... "ima tell go ffff off " !!
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