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Originally Posted by Pickle72 View Post
I just did some research and the spektrums do indeed appear to be Savox. I always assumed that they where a good manufacture. I have never had one but they have some nice looking high end servos. I guess they are OEM manufactures for Align and Spektrum, At least thats what the intergoogles told me.
But if G_T says they are junk than I have to respect his judgment. He is way more knowledgeable than I.
But I can get a nice deal on those Spektrums.....
When I last looked at Spectrum servos a couple years ago, they were garbage. They may have changed manufacturer or design since then. I'd do some research for current opinion. Then, if you are still interested, purchase one or two to test on the bench. But one should absolutely not believe whatever most servo manufacturers say about their servos, except for it not being a great idea to run servos past their rated voltage.

Our DLGs are high end models and they are not cheap. They place particular demands on the electromechanics. It is not an area where I personally want to skimp.

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