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Second impressions of the U816 after about 6 batteries.

The hover is still fairly tricky. Sometimes I'll zip it right up to where I want it, back off a smidgen and it'll sit there like a balloon. Other times I'm seesawing up and down over a 1 degree movement on the throttle stick. But, as I wrote previously, this is helping my v929 skills no end. I actually think that any other Micro Quad after this will seem too easy to hover.

Pirouttes are slower than I'd like (compared to the v929, for example) and are the same in both speed modes, and it's only now I'm getting more comfortable with it that I'd like them to be a bit faster. But all that really means is that when I get outside (raining and windy again) my banked turns will need more room.

For the cheap price I got it for ($32), and the two batteries - and you get ages off of one battery too - until I have something better to compare to, or get outside and see how it performs in a bigger area than my small garden, I'm still happy with it.

Edit: Tired of waiting for the weather, so took it out in 5-6 mph winds and it was a blast. The Yaw is probably too slow for fancy pirouettes, but for turns it was actually OK, as I tend to corkscrew too much with my v929 if I'm not careful. Needed to be on High Speed mode outside for best results, and I mostly flew facing forwards. It does not care about the wind. At. All.

It also doesn't suffer from propwash instability if I shut the throttle when it's 50ft up. It just comes down, as fast as I want. Including with no throttle at all onto the grass. A big dose of throttle 5ft from the ground also saves it most times, or at least cushions the landing. I also got it at least the claimed 40m away and those orange props are surprisingly visible if you tip it up at a distance. The hover sensitivity just wasn't an issue outside. I threw it up 20ft, whizzed it off into the distance, adjusting the throttle as required if it went too high. Or not.

Only issue was when changing batteries and then holding it level while it bound to the radio (ground was uneven grass and I was hand-launching it). Took a few goes to stop it going off at a slight angle. I may get some small spirit level bulbs to stick to the Tx and level it on that.
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