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Hmmm, it is making me want to add those now...... then it would work as both handlaunch and landing gear methods fine. Though my enthusiam to add them is a bit low for now....

I forgot (more or less) to test my Flaperons and Spoilerons!!! I forgot what switches/pots I had set up! LOL. But I did find what I think was my flaperon switch (Rud DR). That enables both Pot1 and Pot2 to work then (Pot1 sets Flaperon amount, Pot2 sets Spoileron amount), but I had not checked it before flying and I THINK I had Pot1 at full - which adds the full Flaperon value I set if Rud DR is activated.
So I flicked Rud DR to activate it - whatever I had set - and UP it went, notably!! OK, so it was dialled in for Flaperons! It was like a 35deg climb! That was at a medium airspeed, so I slowed it down for a lowish pass and turned them on then.....
I don't know..... I guess it could then fly slower, but it didn't seem to help it lose any speed of note. I guess it really must have allowed a slower flight speed, but it didn't seem any great use.

I forgot to change things around (Pot1 Min, Pot2 Max) to make it run as Spoilerons then. I would expect that would have been useful, but not sure how much really. Seeing how the Flaperons hardly added enough drag to matter anyway.
I think it needs REAL Flaps..... which can go to decent angles. Like the previously mentioned 80deg or whatever!! And this plane seriously needs something to assist slowing it down!! Its glide ratio is something like TRIPLE of other 1100mm area models!

So I am going to add the Flaps, as that won't be too hard, and I am happy to add more weight in a few ways. Flaps would only add 30g or so, but I don't want to mess up too much before I GPS Log it more or less as it is now.
Later I will be aiming for an AUW of 1500g area for a start.
Retracts should add somewhere towards 200g - if I do those.
I also have some 4000mAH 20C batteries that would suit it well, now that I know that too.

Rudders.... I will do if it is viable, but I want those more than retracts.... probably 20g or so weight cost for those. Just 1x 9g servo, with a linkage between rudders. I would see if I could mount a rudder servo near the elevator servo.... that sort of thing - central and then it feeds out to both rudders. Just a quick think about that and it seems it would be easy enough to do.
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