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Maiden completed.....

Well that was a non-event. hold it overhead, left handed (to fly Mode 2) throttle up, with my mouth (right hand holding the TX and on the right stick for Ail and Ele)....... "Hey, I can't get any decent grip for much over 50% throttle!!"... but that felt like it wanted to fly off, so I just did that..... maybe 60% throttle.
I didn't even throw it AT ALL.... I couldn't, due to the weak grip. I went from it being above me to the left, to a slow 'push' - which was all I could do - and it just flew onwards as if it had just done a slow fly past me!!!
Dead level... no trim of any surface needed at all. It must have been the best handlaunch maiden I have had!!!

I tested the "cheater effect", but when I went from slow pass to WOT, it didn't seem to alter flight path at all really. I focussed on it really hard, even squinting(!!), LOL, but couldn't pick any ballooning issue.

The CS10 sounds awesome. It would be the best CS10 use I have - though my Meteor (1x CS10, and Su-35 2x CS10) both sound pretty awesome too. The Vampire just sounds a bit more so, which I think is largely due to the CS10 sucking the crap out of the few intake areas!! LOL
It verged on being a 'jet engine'. But... it is SLOW !!

It has massive "torque". The CS10 is like a V8 car engine. Do a slow pass, hit full throttle, go vertical and it just pulls away with obvious ease.
But it really needs some of the "torque" converted the SPEED !!

The first thing to do - which was more or less known - is to get it some MORE AIR!!
So I will do those "Top cheaters"... whether I leave them permanently open at first, or hinge doors right away. I am a bit worried that if they are left open that it will cost top speed.

The next thing it seems it needs for a CS10 is a larger exhaust diameter. But first is to add cheaters and test that.
I WBPU'ed the inside walls of the exhaust when I was painting over the plane, to make them smoother and thus slipperier to airflow. Maybe it helps a bit... maybe not at all.... though technically it should help at least SOME amount (even if that is very small).... but it is easy to do.

Hmmmm, I need to GPS Log it first, in its current form, so I can record and compare results of any changes. Somehow I never remember to throw in the GPS logger...... sheesh.
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