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Mad Dog batteries are NOT from Dualsky.

You IR reading needs to be at 72F to use the tool you link to.

Balance leads are appropriate for current that balance chargers use.

I won't post IR data for many reasons, one being the website it is sold on posts their battery IR readings yet still market their batteries at a Higher C then "maximum C" from the meter, checkout the big packs. This does not give me confidence on accuracy. (This is covered in numerous other threads and more relevant there.)

I am with you 100%! I wish manufactures had a standard on C rating, it would make my purchasing lot easier and take out alot of the competition that sells cheap junk!

I also agree 100% with you on the taps, but I would add connectors as well! Every time E-Flite releases a new plane they stick a different connector somewhere. I bet I could out sell the E-Flite batteries at my stores months earlier if all the taps were the same.

On the registration, I agree as well. However it is is hard to mail you a box without your address!

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