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Originally Posted by Aaron qin View Post
Lost my walkera v2 ladybird just now,it's too fast.Can not tell which direction is the head and the tail,when the ladybird far from me,now only a Devo 4 TX left with me,this is my first flight of this bird,really steady,and fast,perhaps a little small for me.
Nuuuuuu! that is sad news.....
I flew my Ladybird V1 at the park the other day and was practicing nose-forward flying @distance. I find that if I have 100% concentration and notice the minute rotation of the booms during turns back to me, it can work OK.
But I lost concentration for a split second, so lost my orientation and tried very small turns with a bit of throttle... to seee if I can figure out it's orientation with no luck. Yes, when the Ladybird is soooo far away.... it is impossible to then tell which way it is going in small spurts... before it's too late to drop-down for a safe reteival.

That is why... when I just want stress-free fun @the park with my LB, I will fly it in a nose-front box pattern... and I can just rip it around the place with hardly any worries of orientation.... even @night!

Any news on the Mini Pet v.s. MJX 100?? I have the mini-pet on e-check order, and want to know if the MJX is better? or if one has a programable TX? where stick "travel adjusts" can be made?
i.e. if the Rudd is too slow, can go into TX and change Rudd "travel adjust" to higher/faster value.

thanks for infos Aaron
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